Changing lives,
transforming the city

May 11-13


We’re excited to invite you to our VINEYARD NORDIC SUMMIT 2017 in Copenhagen. “Changing lives, transforming the city” is about impacting our communities and our world.

The good news of Jesus Christ is about more than going to heaven. Jesus proclaimed:
The Kingdom is near! The Kingdom is at hand! As a family of Vineyard churches, we want to bring every aspect of the Kingdom to our local communities and to impact our world!

But how? We believe that we need to make Jesus the centre of it all, to make Him the greatest influence
in everything in all our Nordic countries and beyond.

The Summit is about equipping the next generation. The world is changing and we need the next generation
to BE the change we want to see in our cities and in the world.

Welcome to the Vineyard Nordic Summit 2017.

Flemming Mølhede, Leader of Vineyard Nordic



Live Streaming
Don’t miss to check in and watch the Live Streaming from the amazing Vineyard Nordic Summit.


We have the privilege to welcome amazing speakers at Vineyard Nordic Summit.


Where to go? Where to stay? Read more about all the information regarding the conference.


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