Saturday 14.00 – 15.15:

Tom Murphy: 3P gathering

3P – Potential Pastoral People is a network for people exploring a calling to a life in ministry. This gathering is for all members and people interested in the 3P network. Tom will share his calling and his thoughts about a life in ministry. He’s one of the best and most experienced leaders we have in the Vineyard so don’t miss! If you are not yet part of the 3P network you are welcome to join us and hear more about it.

About Tom: 
Tom Murphy is the Senior Associate Pastor at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham. He leads a team of Pastors and Ministry Staff who are responsible for Sundays, Youth, Students, Young Adults, Small Groups, Overseas links and our work with Partner Charities. Tom’s passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom extended.

Maria Lundbak Hinge:
Going deeper – my identity as a worshiper

“If you don’t know who you are, you’ll become whatever people will pay you to be”. This workshop is about the importance of knowing your own individual identity in Christ, as the basis for leading others in worship.

About Maria: 
Maria coordinates and leads Vineyard Nordic Worship and heads the worship ministry in Copenhagen Vineyard. She is married to Morten and has 3 boys.
Maria and her family are a part of Copenhagen Vineyard, and has been for many years. She is also a part of the pastoral staff in Copenhagen Vineyard.

Roar Bovim: Breaking The 100-Barrier – 7 Powerful Insights That Will Make Your Church Grow

Are your church stuck at the 100 barrier? 80? 60? Most people seem to believe that it’s natural for churches to grow. When our church has lost momentum, spinning its wheels, it’s easy to get frustrated, discouraged and lose perspective. In this workshop we will take a look at 7 organizational, strategic and spiritual aspects, that are so fundamental for healthy growth, but often are overlooked. Growing a church is not rocked science. For an insider, however, to identify and solve the challenges sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack. The workshop is open for everyone but you are encouraged to join in with your pastor.

About Roar: 
Roar Vejter Bovim is married to Anette and living in Copenhagen with his two
children. He is a theologian and sociologist, and holds a PhD in organizing and leadership. He recently founded Livingroom Consulting, a Danish management consulting company. Roar has been part of the Vineyard movement since 1994 and engaged in leadership, teaching, church growth and church planting at a number of Vineyard churches. Recently, he served as pastoral staff in Copenhagen Vineyard for 7 years.

Helen Murphy: Being a compassionate church

Being a compassionate church – Compassion is central to the church’s DNA and vision. This seminar will explore how to mobilise and equip people to love and serve their local communities, demonstrating God’s love in action.

About Helen: 
Helen Murphy is Senior Associate Pastor at Trent Vineyard. Part of her role is overseeing the compassion ministries as well as being the founder and leader of The Arches. She is passionate about mobilising the church to be outward looking. Helen is married to Tom and together they have four daughters.

Saturday 15.30 – 16.45:

Andrew Masters: Building an outward focussed culture

Andy will unpack where culture comes from and how we as leaders build and steward it in a way that leads us into mission and towards our cities.

About Andrew: 
Andy lives in Lisburn Northern Ireland with his wife Dana, their five year old daughter Noor and three year old twin boys Moses and August. Andy along with Dana and a few friends planted Lagan Valley Vineyard Church in October 2012, he now leads the staff team and oversees the vision and direction of the church. Andy is passionate about fun, stories and being outside.

Stephanie Neve: Empowering Leadership – 5 coaching skills that bring about CHANGE in those you lead.

In his book The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch writes regarding discipleship that “it is our lifestyle practices and not our thinking that constantly let us down in this matter.”
What might it look like to lead and disciple others in such a way that you are proactively and intentionally supporting and empowering them to succeed in making the lifestyle changes they feel convicted by the Holy Spirit to make in their lives?
In this workshop we will take a look at 5 coaching skills fundamental to supporting healthy growth, transformative discipleship, faithful stewardship and the continued pursuit of refining godly character. To raise up, equip and mobilize a new generation of leaders. The workshop is open to everyone.

About Stephanie:
Stephanie Neve moved to Sweden from England in 2002 with her husband Mattias, they live in Stockholm with their three children. Steph is a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation and an Instructor of the ‘Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders’, a certified coach training program. She has a background in Neuroscience and more than ten years experience in the pharmaceutical industry co-ordinating clinical studies and coaching clinical trial teams in hospitals across Sweden. Steph and Mattias founded Movementum in 2015. Movementum Coach Training for Christian Leaders, exists to equip christian leaders with powerful coaching skills for an impactful ministry, personally and for those they serve.

Steph has been involved in church planting and church leadership since 2007. She and Mattias founded Forge Stockholm – a missional pioneer training school in 2016 where she currently serves as a trainer and coach, she’s also responsible for coach training and development for Forge Europe.   Steph’s heart is to make disciples. She’s passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God bring life to her neighbourhood and loves the church. Steph and her family have been part of Stockholm Vineyard for four years and served in the pastors team since 2015.

Stuart Bothwell: Spiritual Formation & City Formation

Exploring the connection between our apprenticeship with Jesus & an increase in our capacity for seeing Kingdom change in the city. Establishing a rhythm in both discipleship & mission of consistent, slow formation & an openness to Divine breakthrough (both of which contribute to personal & cultural transformation). How spiritual practices expand our imagination of what is possible. Practicing the presence of Jesus as a way to develop the heart of Christ in our everyday practices.

About Stuart: 
Stuart is married to Emma and together they live in East Belfast. Following the completion of an MDiv from Union Theological College, Belfast, Stuart has gained experience in the areas of pastoral ministry, leadership development and missional practice. He is passionate about the dynamics of spiritual formation and cultural transformation.

Solveig Fuglseth Mortensen & Signy Magrete Hefley: Leading kids in a personal relationship with Jesus

For parents and Kids Ministry workers:
In our desire of leading our kids into a personal relationship with Jesus we need cooperation between church and parents. This workshop aims at equipping both parents and Kids Ministry workers, by giving you:

– a “chat and catch” session where you get led to directly chat with Jesus and catch from Him (listen), in a way you in turn can
lead your children.

– a glimpse into the different developmental stages of the children. What will each age group be able to understand and relate to?

– testimonies and practical tips from families that have put focus on spirituality in their homes.

About Solveig & Signy: 
Solveig and Signy Margrete are both pastors in each their Vineyard church / church plant together with their husbands. They both have young kids, and are passionate about seeing kids be led into a personal relationship with Jesus. Together they coordinate the Vineyard Nordic Kids Ministries (including the Vineyard Nordic Kids Camp), and explore ways of strengthening the investment in kids through both church and home.

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