All workshops are on Saturday, May 13 from 14.00 – 15.00

Carsten Lind: Mentoring

Studies show that leaders who finish well have had significant people influence them.
Would you like to become a mentor, but think it is difficult – then come and hear how it can become manageable.
If you miss having a mentor, then you can learn how to be mentored even when there aren’t enough mentors around.
It is possible because mentoring can be broken up into mentoring functions, and you are probably capable to serve in some of the functions and find people who can fill in one or more functions.
In this workshop will be explained how the mentoring function can be broken up and how a network of mentors help leaders to balance healthy perspective on life and ministry.

Norbert Bauer: Leader care through spiritual formation

As leaders we have been called to an outward journey that is often lonely, treacherous, and riddled with obstacles and traps that are meant to take us out of the race. A statistic from a well-respected institute for leadership in the US indicates that only 30% of all Christian leaders finish really well. Worldwide, the Church is rediscovering the meaning and importance of our inner journey – our true spirituality based on our relationship with God. Though most of us understand this reality, only few know how to really take care of our inner man – our very soul.

This is for all people in leadership of any area in our churches, as well as for those who feel a call to leadership in the future.

Vineyard Nordic Kids Ministry team:
How do Children develop a healthy faith?

We are often very focused on kids developing physically, psychologically and socially in healthy ways. If they don’t, we worry. But what about their faith? How can children develop a healthy faith and relationship to God? Dorte Viftrup, Authorized Psychologist and Ph.D, will share from her research and experience, on how our role as kids ministry workers can help kids develop a growing and thriving faith in Jesus. This workshop is primarily for kids ministry workers, but it will definitely also be interesting for parents.

Adam Russell: Developing a Creative Culture in the Local Church

This is a high impact session where Adam will be sharing his best big ideas on helping churches consider the way they relate to seeing people set free to do the things they are called to do, and be who they are called to be. This is not a session about attracting artists or ‘creative people’, it’s all about uncovering and releasing the brilliance in the people who are already with us

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