We’re excited to invite you to our VINEYARD NORDIC SUMMIT 2019 in Copenhagen. “Change Makers” is about activating people to be the change agents in their own community, church, and spiritual life with the view of changing their nation.

Being change makers means seeking God’s purpose for His people in our local cities – it means reaching out to the people who needs to experience His love, on a deeper level – inside and outside of the church. It means to have compassion for the people around us. It means taking a risk and building relationships – inside and outside of our church.

Welcome to the Vineyard Nordic Summit 2019.

Flemming Mølhede, Leader of Vineyard Nordic

Live Streaming
Don’t miss to check in and watch the Live Streaming from the amazing Vineyard Nordic Summit.

We have the privilege to welcome amazing speakers at Vineyard Nordic Summit.

Where to go? Where to stay? Read more about all the information regarding the conference.

Who is it for?
If you’re interested in being encouraged, challenged and inspired, Summit is for you!

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