Jen Rankine

Jen and her husband James planted Cardiff Vineyard in September 2008 together with 16 other intrepid explorers. In the last 10 years, they have fallen in love with Cardiff, had their hearts broken for Wales, all whist leading a growing and thriving church. Jen and James have three beautiful daughters. Jen loves people, having fun and watching God move.

Mike Pilavachi

Mike Pilavachi heads up Soul Survivor ministries (a charity that aims to equip young people to live their lives for Jesus) as well as pastoring the associated church – Soul Survivor Watford. Mike speaks at conferences around the world, trying to make people laugh and point them towards Jesus at the same time. He has written a number of books the latest of which looks at the themes of the Bible. Mike enjoys cooking, watching West Wing, tending his grape vines and competing with his mates over anything he can.

Helle Rønne Samuelsen

Helle is a theologian, Danish field leader of Operation Mobilization, married to Carsten and mother of three beautiful daughters. After 14 years of pastoring in Copenhagen Vineyard, God gave Helle and Carsten a very specific calling to move the family to the island of Bornholm to plant a very missional and inviting church focused on the people far away from church. They are now one and a half years into the church plant and more passionate than ever about seeing God transforming the lives of the least, the last and the lost through his church.

Flemming Mølhede

Flemming is the senior pastor in Copenhagen Vineyard and has been pastoring the church ever since it was planted in 1997. Flemming, and his wife, Anne, were released as the Vineyard Nordic Leaders in May 2015. They both have a big heart for serving their local communities and seeing people being transformed through Christ. One of Flemming’s main visions is to to plant more churches and is therefore very much involved in church planting in the Vineyard Nordic. His dream is seeing more churches being planted in the Nordic and more people coming to faith. Flemming and Anne recently moved to the countryside to be close to nature and family. They have four children and two grandchildren.

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