Saturday 11.30 – 12.30

Empowering leadership for the next generation

Jon Skoglund

We live in a society where everything is accessible. If you want to know something, you just google it! We often look for new exciting things to join. If something is not fun, we leave it for something new. With all this daily variety of information and choices we face, it’s hard to be rooted and people tend to more and more question their identity and purpose in life. For the young generation growing up now, this is how it always has been for them. We learn to jump from one thing to another. The role of the church is not in the center and as obvious anymore as it used to be.

How can we train ourselves to lead the next generation to find their true identity in God?

How can we walk with young people in a way that works today where there are so many options and ideas to follow?

This seminar is for everyone who is leading young people or dream of doing so. It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager, young adult or adult. As long as you dream of seeing a revival in the next generation.


The 4 Distinctives of a Vineyard Kids Ministry

Vineyard Nordic Kids Ministry

What are some elements that are distinct for a Vineyard Kids Ministry?

Vineyard Nordic’s National Kids Coordinators spent a weekend together last fall looking at just that. We landed on four easy to remember elements we think are fundamental to a Vineyard Kids ministry: Know God, Choose Jesus, Equipped for Kingdom Living, and Experience the Holy Spirit. There is a lot packed into each of these elements, and we would like to invite leading pastors and Kids Ministry workers to come unpack these with us. We will conduct this seminar in a workshop style with a chance to work in groups to further explore the distinctives and identify resources.

Seminar hosted by the Nordic-wide and national Kids Coordinators:

Signy Margrete Hefley (VN), Solveig Mortensen (VN), Johanna Mautz Vingren (SE), Terhi Ranta-Ojala (FI), Kathrine Jul Chercka (DK)



Anne Hørlyck

Social Media – the digital church

How do we as churches bring the gospel to digital platforms as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? What are the possibilities and pitfalls of the digital revolution? In this seminar we will talk about the amazing possibilities we face as churches, and you will get concrete tools to bring your digital ministry up to speed in 2019.

Anne Hørlyck is 25 years old, lives in Aarhus, Denmark and has been a part of Aarhus Vineyard since it started. She has worked with church communication for the past 8 years and is currently studying Multiplatform Storytelling and Production.


Saturday afternoon 14.30 – 15.45


Drawing Close to God – Invitation to a Counter Cultural Practice

Norbert Bauer

We all long for more of God, but our fast-paced lives are working against that longing in our hearts. Unless we engage in some bold moves and dare to move in the opposite spirit, our very own culture will prevent us from hearing the invitation to an intimacy with God we were created for.

Together we will explore an old but proven practice that will enable us to enter into something so good for us – body, mind, and soul – that once we recognize it, everything in us will leap to say “yes”.

Norbert Bauer is a pastor, missionary, author, and spiritual director. Born and raised in Germany he has lived a large part of his life in seven different nations and travelled to more the sixty. Together with his wife Cathy and their seven children they spent 24 years working as missionaries in Southeast Asia. In 2012 Norbert and Cathy moved back to Europe and currently live in Norrtälje, Sweden.


Catalyzing change by transforming your small groups

Alice Meads

What do you do when you realise that your small groups are having almost no impact on non-Christians? Or when your leaders lead small groups that even they don’t want to go to?

Alice Meads, associate pastor at Vineyard Church Cardiff, unpacks the journey they have been on as a church in re-imagining their small group structure in order to release vision, deepen community and see greater kingdom impact.

Bio: Alice Meads, together with her husband Matt, are the Associate Pastors at Vineyard Church Cardiff. They have two small boys and she is never happier than when she has a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other.




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